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Then I bonded the paper to it, making sure to smooth out any bubbles.Then do the same with the long strip near the spine of the book.A good friend of mine recently became engaged and I thought this collection was perfect to make a wedding planner.This project is super easy to do and here is how you can make your own wedding planner or just a cute journal!At , Page will start to move between the clav and the piano.At , Fish drops a fill and Trey starts to work on building things. Trey starts to let some notes ring out and Mike’s BEOWS work underneath.

Cut out two pieces rounded off for both the front and back of the notebook.

Key focus areas include: FSP Consulting Co-Founder Rashad Hasan discusses considerations and intangible factors of implementing Oracle ERP and doing business in Brasil.

Psychomotor disability is a delay in the acquisition of skills requiring mental and muscular activities such head control, sitting up, and walking.… continue reading »

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She waited for two and a half years after moving to Vegas, finding it pretty impossible to meet anyone under any sort of normal circumstances.… continue reading »

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But if you can spend some time on the internet, reading a few financial books, or even just meeting with some good advisors, I can tell you the rewards will far outweigh the sacrifice. Spend a few minutes thinking about what you really want out of life. Maybe it is to help your kids get through school without the massive debt burden you had. But whatever it is you want most, use that to motivate you to get there. If not, how can you modify your dream so it will be?… continue reading »

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